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Twice the render speed in iMovie on a 5s vs. and iPhone 5.


iPhone 5s Head-To-Head Speed Test With iPhone 5 — Rendering iMovie Video

The iPhone 5s was just released and people are raving about the new A7 processor that is blazing fast. In the video above, I tested the iPhone 5s against the iPhone 5 by doing a head-to-head challenge. On the iPhone 5, I created a movie project in the iMovie app. It is my footage from waiting in line at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store Friday morning. I exported the project to iTunes on my iMac and then imported the project into the iMovie app on the iPhone 5s. Thus, both phones had identical projects on their respective iMovie apps. I then had them render movies to the Camera Roll at the same setting: HD-1080p. I even gave the iPhone 5 a head start by have it start first the rendering. (I couldn’t press both buttons to start them at exactly the same time.) As you will see, the bottom line is that the iPhone 5s rendered the video in 1/2 the time that the iPhone rendered the video. This makes sense as the Geekbench scores for the phones shows that the iPhone 5s has double the score of the iPhone 5 (see below): 2552 score to 1269.


What is really impressive is that the iPhone 5s’ Geekbench score of 2552 is close to the score of the “Early 2010” version of the Mac Mini. See below.


So what this means is that smartphones, particularly the iPhone 5s which leads the pack, are competing with regular computers in power.

I predict that in a short period of time, most people will only have smartphones and/or tablets (i.e. iPad) as their computers.

BetterTouchTool - Window Snapping

I have been using BetterTouchTool for about a year now and it has increasingly improved my productivity with my Magic Trackpad. I am at the point now where I rarely if ever use my mouse any longer. I think over the next few weeks I am going to post a few short videos like the one above showing off some of the features of BTT and some of the tricks I use myself, as well as some useful presets that I have found online. Earlier today I posted this BetterTouchTool tip for using BTT with Final Cut Pro X.

In the video above I am showing off window snapping via BetterTouchTool. Windows snapping is something I first used with Windows 7, but with BTT you can bring that functionality to OS X. I find window snapping extremely useful on my iMac, the 27” screen offers enough real estate to where I can arrange several apps on a single desktop and work fluidly.

BetterTouchTool offers so much more than just window snapping as its main purpose is for touch gestures with a trackpad, and over the next few weeks I am going to try to touch on as many aspect of this great tool as I can. If you have not heard of BetterTouchTool then you should go download it now!

Download if for FREE: http://www.boastr.net/

Also in the video above I mentioned the BTT Remote App for iOS, if you want to support the developer then you can purchase the iOS App in the App Store for only a $1.99:

BTT Remote for iPhone

BTT Remote for iPad

I plan on purchasing this and doing a video review of it very soon. Stay tuned!

The Touch

With just a few simple gestures you can work your images without having to find the on-screen controls using your mouse. Free yourself from the interface and concentrate only on your image and what you want it to become.

Last night while going through the fcp.co forums I came across this post. I downloaded the trial version of The Touch last night, I want to test it with my Magic Trackpad. I previously tried using BetterTouchTool and while it worked fine, I didn’t think it made me more productive within FCP X.

The Touch also has an iPad App called The Touch Pad that can be used in conjunction with your Mac and Final Cut Pro X. But I have already tried both ProCutX and CTRL+Console, and I really couldn’t get a good feel for using my iPad with FCP X. Later today I will test The Touch Pad on my iPad and see if it makes much of a difference.

If you are interested in trying out The Touch, you can download the trial version or buy The Touch HERE.

Open Folder in Terminal (OS X)

Do you work in Terminal often? If so you probably already know this trick, if not here is a simple way to easily open any folder or mounted disc (Finder window) in the Terminal with a simple right-click.


Fleksy allows users to type text on the familiar keyboard layout, by tapping on the screen. Our patent pending technology does not need accuracy – just tap on the screen and Fleksy will automatically detect the text you meant to enter – even if you have missed every single key.

This is pretty amazing, I completely forgot about this. I recently downloaded an App for my iPhone call Wordbox and it has Flesky built in. I was impressed so I went and downloaded the Flesky App. I will say it honestly blows away any other predictive text stuff in any other keyboard app I have tried, including Apps like Swype and Swiftkey. Swiping to type is fun and feels more natural but I make way more errors and I still have to look at the screen. Not with Flesky, it is really accurate.

The predictive stuff is really good, I can basically type without looking down at my phone. I have noticed a few errors though with some similar words to start a sentence, like “brown” kept coming up as “Brian” but that was only when I started a sentence, if I was typing the word “brown” mid-sentence it would get it correct.

Anyway, if you have an iPhone or iPad give it a try, download it free from the App Store HERE.

If you have an Android device they have a beta you can test HERE.

Flesky website: http://fleksy.com

10 Zero Budget Filmmaking Tips


Excellent article with excellent tips. A low budget film can be successful, like the 2 below:

The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity demonstrated how the internet could be used to market a film using viral marketing techniques

Daring Fireball Linked List: Nintendo 2DS

I mean produce a device that’s a better buy for $250 or so than an iPod Touch. But I don’t think they can do it. And if they can’t do it, their next best bet is is to expand to making iOS games.

Nintendo already makes a better gaming device than an iPod Touch. The iPod is horrible for gaming, matter of fact most games on iOS are horrible as far as actual gaming goes. iOS games are very popular and I am not knocking the platform, but for me, games on iOS are games I play while sitting on the john. I don’t find iOS games immersive enough to actually want to sit down for 3 hours and try to complete a few levels. The biggest downfall to iOS gaming is a lack of an actual controller or actual buttons. If anything, I wished iOS game makers would bring their games to the DS more than vice versa.

If the iPad had a bluetooth controller and iOS had a much better selection of games, like Mario and Zelda then I would agree. Until iOS gets games that are comparable then at least for true gamers like myself, we will never take iOS gaming seriously.

With that said, I probably represent a small number of gamers who find iOS games to be a joke. The best game on iOS is Minecraft and of course it is not as nearly as good as it is on the PC or the Xbox for that matter. What Apple really needs to do is to try and get a deal with Sony for some of the Media Molecule content. If iOS could grab a title like Little Big Planet or Little Big Karting then iOS would be on its way to competing with Nintendo level gaming on the handheld side of things. That would never happen of course because of the Vita. Wishful thinking is still wishful.

These are only my opinions, what do I know? I have only been gaming for 25 years now, starting with the Odyssey and now I currently own a Wii, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, DSi XL, 3DS, PSVita, iPad, iPhone, and an iMac with a library full of Blizzard and Steam games.

Update: Almost every iOS game would convert nicely to the Nintendo DS platform due to the fact that the DS has a touchscreen and stylus. The same can’t be said for Nintendo games going to iOS. Playing an immersive game like a Zelda title would be awful on an iPod Touch or iPhone due to the lack of physical buttons and D-pad or thumb-sticks. I don’t even like playing Zelda with the Wii Remote as it is feels finicky during gameplay, imaging trying to play Skyward Sword with onscreen controls.

Along For The Ride – Marco.org

These animations in iOS 7 feel like its designers are showing off their cool new abilities, and we’re just along for the ride. After sitting through all of these, day after day, it’s no longer impressive — it just feels needlessly, artificially slow.

I agree 100%. It is almost slow to the point of being aggravating. It looked cool the first 2 hours of using iOS 7, after that is just slows my productivity down. I’d be all for no animations at all.

On my Mac I disable the animations via Terminal, I wish I could do the same on iOS.

OS X Animation Tips

Window animation: defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled -bool NO

** (note, to re-enable, just change NO to YES)

Mission control animation: defaults write com.apple.dock expose-animation-duration -float 0.14

** (note, you can change the float 0.14 to anything you want, 0.75 is the default, adjust as needed. 0.14 looks the best to me)