I Like This

New iMac

What I got:

  • Intel Core i7 3.4 GHz
  • Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
  • 1GB Fusion Drive
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048MB

8GB of Memory

I choose to avoid paying the “Apple tax” on memory, I can buy 3rd party memory which is faster, has better performance, and is much cheaper than what Apple offers as an upgrade. My iMac is capable of up to 32GB of memory which is what I will be adding in the very near future. I am a fan of Crucial memory and that is what I will go with when I do upgrade my memory.

The Fusion Drive

The 1GB Fusion Drive was more of me getting stuck with what was offered than what I really wanted. I honestly wanted to go with a 512GB SSD but if I opted for that I would have had to order my iMac from Apple and wait for it to be shipped. Why didn’t I do that? Well in New Hampshire there is no sales tax, I don’t live in New Hampshire but I live close enough to drive to the Apple store to buy in-store and can avoid paying over $200 in taxes, so I did. If it was shipped to me I would have been charged 8%. If I had it shipped to the Apple store in N.H. any money I would have saved would have been wasted on gas for the 3 hour round trip drive to pick it up. So here I sit with a 1GB Fusion drive.

One thing that scares me is the possibility of frame drops for video editing with the Fusion drive. I have a feeling this may be a terrible decision on my part. There is hope though, the Fusion Drive is able to be replaced by the user although it is a pain in the ass due to the slim design and use of lots of glue to hold things in place by Sir Jony.

The i7 

I don’t feel I need to say much other than this was the best that was available so that is what I went with. Why not?


I thought this was clearly the right choice. Just like the Fusion drive, there is also an issue with the GTX 680MX. I am not sure which issue scares me more?

Final Thoughts

Would I have been better off going the custom build route? I think so but mostly because of the Fusion Drive option. That is clearly not the best option for the “pro” or anyone who will be using the iMac for “pro” task such as musicians, video editors, scientists, artists.

As always, these issues may not appear for everyone even those who are using their iMac for projects like video editing or graphic design. The threat remains though. I do plan on looking into a new Mac Pro later this fall when they are released.